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Sankofa Braiding Academy is under Sankofa Braiding & Natural HairCare, LLC.

The Academy was established in November 2015, in the east bay of northern California by Cynthia. The owner is a certified master braider, licensed cosmetologist, AMCA Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, Member of United State Trichology Institute, and has been in the beauty business for over fifteen (15) years.

The Academy leverages classroom teaching as well as hands-on-training so that students learn the braiding techniques of basic corn row (cane row), singles (plaits), twists and locs, among others.

Sankofa offers basic and advanced classes in hair braiding and weaving for:

  •   Professional women who want to gain another skill
  •   Individuals with braiding experience who want to perfect their skill
  •   People who wish to gain more knowledge about the culture of African Braiding
  •   Mothers who want to be able to do their daughter’s hair and save money
  • ▪  Multiracial families who want to learn how to take care of their children's hair
  •   College and High School students looking to gain a new skill and earn money
  •   Individuals who love healthy hair & want to be your own boss
  •   Licensed cosmetologist who want to add braiding to their skill set


Learn various hair braiding skills

  • Learn the practices of good hair care and treatment
  •   Moms can save up to $140 a month
  •   Gain knowledge on transitioning hair from chemical relaxer styles to natural
  •   Specialized and comprehensive instruction on how to begin your career in hair
    braiding and natural hair care
  •   Make anywhere from $900 to $1,500 dollars a week. After receiving your certificate,
    begin working and earn extra income.
  •   Grow your customer base due to a shop based learning environment
  •   Opportunity to rent a booth and start your career


This four-week course is designed for entrepreneurial minded individuals who would like to secure a financial future in the booming natural hair care industry. Through hands on training and observation of experienced instructors, students are taught Braiding techniques, Art & Science of hair, choosing hair care products, and opening and operating a natural hair care salon. By the end of the course, students will have honed a skill with a historical and cultural heritage recognized worldwide, received a certificate, and be well prepared to open their own hair salon.

Our Basic/Advanced hair braiding class is offered  (3) Three days a week(MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY) for FOUR weeks to become a professionally Trainer  Hair Braider from 6pm to 9pm each day. 


Classes are offer Monthly.

Our Skill Enhancement Classes(8 hour) & Individual Classes(3 hours) are by SCHEDULING ONLY.


Basic/Advance Course 


Individual Class to learn a technique like 2 Strand(Twist), 3 Strand(Plaits/Box Braid), Cornrows, and Natural Hair Care Class, 

From $75


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